Test Writing Strategies

Recently, my daughter was part of some standardized testing at school.  These tests are given to grades 3, 6, 9 and 12, in an effort to discover if curriculum expectations are being met.  In truth, I remember doing something similar “way back when” (we called them “bubble tests” because you had to pencil in a circle/bubble beside the correct answer).

The tests consist of multiple-choice questions (a machine ‘marks’ them, so essay questions are not a viable option) and draw on skills and knowledge the kids have acquired up to the current point in time.  Prior to her writing the first test, I tried to give her some basic test writing strategies, but I was pulling them off the top of my head, so my instructions were not as effective as they could have been.

This YouTube video created by ‘MrBuchynski’, does an excellent job of talking about multiple-choice test-taking strategies and providing some examples, so that you and your kids can actually see some of the strategies in action.

Click this link to watch this video on YouTube.

There are many times in their academic lives that our children will be faced with multiple-choice questions, so it’s great to have some strategies that they can draw on when the need presents itself.   However, the even more important life lesson to be learned, is that choosing the correct answer and/or making the right decision, regardless of when and where it takes place, requires careful consideration and a heavy dose of logic!

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