How can you motivate your children to do well in school?

In my last post, I talked about why kids procrastinate when it comes to studying and schoolwork.  To be blunt, the cause can typically be summed up as lack of interest and motivation (i.e. “what’s in it for me?”).  The ultimate goal as parents is to instill in our children an intrinsic desire to do well, but most kids probably aren’t ready for that until they’re older.  The truth is that kids often don’t have the personal experience and maturity required to see the connection between their grades now and their employment prospects in the future.  They are much more motivated to advance to the next level of their video game, than they are to put in the extra effort required to get an A on their social studies test.

On the contrary, we as parents know that ‘academic success’ often plays a significant role in a child’s success down the road (e.g. good grades will surely be a factor when trying to get into the right college or university and/or when applying for the job opportunity of a lifetime).  It is our concern for our children’s well-being that drives us to nag and threaten, in what typically amounts to a variety of futile attempts at motivation.

But, don’t despair.   We can influence our children’s attitude and priorities when it comes to school.  In this article, you will discover 10 ways that you can help motivate your children to do well in school.


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As parents, we do our best to instill in our children the values and habits that will make them more successful in life, but we’re not always sure of the best way to go about this.  The techniques in this article are a great start!

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