Help your child calm down

Your child is having a temper tantrum or an anxiety attack…don’t you wish there was something you could do to help your child calm down?  In the midst of a meltdown, adrenaline is spiking and overriding logic, so this is definitely not the time to try to teach them self-calming techniques.  However, taking the time when they are calm, to talk to children about ways they can calm themselves down when they are feeling angry or anxious, can provide children with a very useful, lifelong skill (they can even draw on this skill when they have children of their own, right?!).

Check out this article for some good tips on what parents and children can do when emotions are running high.

Helping Kids Calm Down
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Anger and anxiety are a way of life, but we can help our children prepare for the real world, by providing them with a toolbox of self-calming techniques that they can use when they feel a ‘freak out’ coming on!

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