If your child gets lost

It has got to be one of the scariest experiences for a parent…you’re at a mall, amusement park or public event and you look around to find out your child is no longer with you.  Your heart pounds and you feel panic rising in your chest.  What do you do if your child gets lost and what should you teach your child to do?

I thought this post was timely, given that it is fall fair season.  In all the excitement, kids can forget to stay close by.  Add in the crowds and the ear-splitting noise and you’ve got the optimal conditions for parent/child separation.

That’s why, prior to heading to the fair (or the mall, etc.), it is important that you come up with a plan of what to do if you and your child become separated.  Review this plan with your child and make sure you are on the same page.

If, despite your best efforts, your child gets lost, make sure you remain calm and follow through on the plan.  When they are safety returned to you, do your best not to get angry and, if deserved, to praise them for following the agreed-upon safety plan.

Read this article for some tips on what to teach your child to do if they get lost.


Click here to read this article in full.

We all do our best to keep an eye on our kids, but the reality is that sometimes “things happen”, despite our diligence.  That’s why we should take some time to teach our children what to do if they should get separated from us.  Skills like these will help to keep them safe!

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