Rainbow Loom organizer: “I just found an elastic in my cereal bowl!”

Ever since my daughter got her Rainbow Loom, I have been finding colourful little elastics everywhere!  In fairness, she is keeping them all in a bag and then dumping them out each time, so that she can pick out the colours she wants.  This process is bound to lead to some ‘strays’.  And, since she makes most of her Rainbow Loom creations on our kitchen table, I am always asking her to clean up the elastics, forcing her to start this process over again the next time.  Although she can keep the Loom itself in the box that it came in (I’m not saying that she does, only that she can), this box doesn’t fit her elastics and other accessories, so her stuff tends to get “spread” around.

My sister-in-law had the same issues with her kids and told me about a Rainbow Loom organizer that she bought to hold the Loom, as well as all of the accessories.  My daughter and I talked about this and determined that we would get one for her, if she promised to keep her Rainbow Loom ‘paraphernalia’ organized and contained (she was so thrilled with the prospect of separating her elastics into colours and not having to dig through a bag to find the colour she was looking for, that she even agreed to use a gift card that she received for Christmas to buy it).  I seized on this as another opportunity to teach her the importance of keeping her belongings organized (and to help me reach my goal of actually seeing the uncluttered surface of my kitchen table within my lifetime!).

The one we bought included 20 dividers so that she can customize the storage compartments as per her requirements.   It also came with a sheet of stickers to decorate the case (she thought that was pretty cool!).   We bought it at Chapters in Canada for $12.95, but I have also seen similar storage cases in stores like Michaels and WalMart.

No need to buy an official Rainbow Loom organizer though, as there are other, potentially less expensive, options.  I have heard of people using tackle boxes, as well as any other container that has dividers (ideally it would have a number of smaller sections to separate the bands by colour, as well as a larger section to hold the loom and hooks).  You can even check out your local dollar store for suitable storage containers at rock-bottom prices!

All that being said, the organizer is money wasted if she doesn’t get into the habit of cleaning up after herself and neatly storing everything away when she’s not using it (after all, a storage container is only as good as the person using it).  She’s just in the process of getting everything set up, so we’ll cross our fingers that this solves our problems!