Stop a nosebleed

This morning, my daughter had a nosebleed.  Typically, this is something that happens more often in the winter, when the air in the house is dry, but it can happen at any time of the year.  I hardly ever get a nosebleed but, from the time that she was a toddler, my daughter would usually get at least a few throughout the winter season.  Therefore, early on, I decided I had better determine the best way to stop a nosebleed (after all, the sooner I stopped it, the fewer the blood stains I’d have to deal with afterwards).

I remember at the time, that I was somewhat surprised by what I found out.  What you’re supposed to do to stop a nosebleed is contrary to what most people think you should.  For example, the natural instinct is to tilt your head back when you have a nosebleed, but this only leads to you swallowing the blood and potentially choking and/or upsetting your stomach.  In fact, you should tilt your head slightly forward.  You should also avoid blowing your nose as this only serves to further irritate the lining of the nose.

For a more detailed explanation of what you or your child can do to stop a nosebleed, check out this article at


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Now that my daughter is a little older, I am teaching her “life skills” like this, so that she can take care of the nosebleed herself, whenever and wherever it happens.  The next step is to teach her how to remove blood stains from clothing!

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