Mnemonic Study Strategies

My last post outlined various memory techniques, but I thought it might be helpful to provide more detailed information about the group of memory enhancers that are often referred to as “mnemonic study strategies”.  These memory strategies are most beneficial when information must be learned in a particular order (e.g. number sequences or lists).

When people think of mnemonic devices, they typically think of the ‘acronym’ approach, where the first letter of each word to be remembered is put together to create a word (e.g. Return On Investment = ROI).  However, there are a number of other mnemonic strategies that can be utilized to improve retention of information.

Watch this video for some great examples of mnemonic study strategies.

Show your kids this video and get them thinking about ways they can use mnemonic strategies to study more effectively!

For more memory-enhancing strategies, go to my post entitled Memory Techniques.

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