Giving Medication

I was giving my daughter some Children’s Tylenol this morning and was reminded of a few things that I thought I would share.

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  • Any time you’re going to be giving medication, give your hands a wash.
  • Be sure to check the medication’s expiration date. Taking medication that is past the date of expiry could mean that it is simply less effective, but it could also mean that it is now dangerous to use. Don’t take chances…either throw out expired medications (you should take them to a pharmacy where they are able to expose of them properly) or, at the very least, ask a pharmacist about the risks.
  • Make sure to read the directions to determine if there are any special instructions (e.g. should it be shaken first; should it be taken with food, etc.).
  • Do not mix medications. If you’re thinking of giving your children more than one medication, be sure to check with a pharmacist first (these medications may have ingredients that cannot be taken together or, conversely, they both may have the same active ingredient, which could lead to an overdose).  If in doubt, always confirm (better safe, than sorry).
  • Whenever possible, make sure that when giving medication, you dose based on weight, not age.


Pass on these important tips to your children….even if they are not old enough to give themselves medication now, learning these rules can help keep them safe in the future.

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