Gift wrapping

Some people really enjoy the challenges of gift wrapping and take great pride in their ‘creations’ (for example, there is a mandatory two minutes of ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ before opening a gift wrapped by my sister).  My daughter loves to wrap presents, so I involve her in this activity whenever I can (she’s learning a useful life skill and it’s one less thing for me to do, although she often likes some ‘company’ when she’s doing it).

Having said that, gift wrapping can be a little tricky (especially the ends), so I decided we could both use a little ‘professional advice’ (truthfully, my gift-wrapping skills could use a little ‘polish’).  Luckily, YouTube was only too happy to oblige.

This video does a good job of outlining the steps required to wrap a simple present (i.e. a square or rectangular box).  Truthfully, some of the more oddly-shaped gifts are a perfect excuse to use a Christmas bag (there are some lovely ones at the dollar store).  I especially like how Sophie ‘measures’ the paper using the gift itself, to make sure she is cutting the right size piece (I think we’ve all experienced the “darn it all, this piece isn’t big enough” wrapping scenario).   It pays to think ahead!

Click here to view this video on YouTube.

So, put on some festive tunes and get your kids involved in gift wrapping this holiday season!  Remember, it takes some practice, so be patient and applaud their efforts, even if the result is less than ‘perfect’ (after all, that just gives the gift ‘character’).

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