Dangers of posting online

Dangers of posting online

From the time they are toddlers, today’s children are drawn to technology and seem to have an almost innate understanding of how to use it.  However, their comfort level with all things technology, can also lead to a blindness to its many dangers.

Wii, Xbox, Nintendo DS, e-readers (e.g. Kobo and Kindle), IPOD and smartphones…what do these all have in common?  All of these devices can be used to gain access to the internet.  Scary, isn’t it?!  These devices all have parental controls to manage this access, but sometimes it seems like a never-ending battle to keep our children safe online.

Today’s kids are so “wired”, that they think nothing of incorporating technology into almost every facet of their lives.  Everything they do and everywhere they go, there is someone taking a picture or video and posting it online.  They don’t stop to think about the consequences.  Once something is posted online, you can’t ever get it back!  We have to help them understand that the picture or video they post today could end up leading a predator to their door, making them a target of cyber-bullying, or costing them a bank loan or a ‘job of a lifetime’, one day in the future.

I do my best to make sure my daughter’s picture doesn’t end up on the internet but, I realize that my ability to keep my daughter safe diminishes over time.  When that time comes, I pray that I have taught her what she needs to know to keep herself safe online.

Please show your children this video so that they might at least stop and carefully consider what they are doing before they post something online.

If you’re concerned about keeping your kids safe online, check out my Internet Safety Academy, an e-course I developed to help parents keep their kids safe online, as well as teach their children how to keep themselves safe in today’s cyber-world (after all, you can’t be there 24/7)!

If you’re interested in keeping your children safe online, you may also wish to check out my posts on “The dangers of online chatting” and “YouTube Safety“.

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