Hi there!  My name is Lindsay Pratt and I am a mother of a wonderful eight-year-old daughter.  Prior to having my daughter, I was an Instructional Designer (that’s a fancy term for someone who develops training), as well as a Process Analyst (someone who reviews, documents and improves corporate processes) at a local insurance company.

I have always been very passionate about training, but took a particular interest in what I saw as “life skills”.  It seemed that, everywhere I turned (including in my own life), I saw examples of how ill-equipped the majority of people are for the real world.  We all took math in school, yet it was clear that very few of us knew how to apply what we had learned to the real world (after all, look at the number of people in North America who are in crippling debt).  What if those people had learned how to create a budget and to manage their money when they were younger?  What if we taught our children these and other critical life skills so that they were prepared for the real world?

My passion grew even stronger when my daughter was born.  How could I teach her the skills she would need to be independent and self-sufficient (after all, as much as I’ll miss her, my job as a mother is to teach her what she needs to know so that she can ‘leave the nest’ with confidence in herself and her ability to not only survive, but thrive, in the real world)?

That’s when I decided to create this blog and start sharing my passion with other people, providing them with the tools and resources they need to give their children the gift of “life smarts”!

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